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About Us

The world may be getting smaller, but staying in touch with family, especially when separated by large distances, still proves a challenge. Whilst multiple technologies and social media options now exist to communicate and share, open social networks can be too complex, or lack enough privacy and security for many families’ liking.

GlobalGrandparents® provides an innovative new communication platform to help grandparents and grandchildren, separated by distance and time zones, to share, to communicate, and to be a part of each other’s everyday lives. Create your own online family history, which your family can enjoy, add to and share.

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Getting Started

The creation of accounts is initiated and controlled by the parents / guardians. Privacy and communication is activated and controlled through what we refer to as a 'Family Group'. This private group consists of a Parent (/guardian), child and grandparent which are created individually and then linked together via a secure and dedicated connection once.

Note that an email address is only required for the parent and grandparent accounts, and your child will not be contactable by, or able to access anybody other than their grandparents.

No child under the age of 13 can access the platform without parental consent; when setting up the accounts, we do request consent is provided and you will be asked to confirm your approval.

A range of additional controls are in place, such as the approval of incoming / outgoing messages, via your dedicated activity page. These controls are fully configurable so that they can be changed as your children get older.

Once the parent and child accounts are created, you can customise the family albums and upload photographs, videos and documents. These can then be added to once the grandparent has joined, and updates and images are being shared and stored.

What a wonderful surprise to have all the photographs of previous visits and time together, uploaded and stored in one place for you all to enjoy! Set up your online calendar with school events to start sharing the day to day lives of the grandchildren.

Once the parent(/guardian) has completed the initial set-up, it’s time to invite the grandparents!  Simply enter the grandparent’s email address and select to send one of our gift email templates (Surprise / Birthday / Christmas or Newborn).  The grandparent will then receive an email invitation to join, with all login details.  They simply click on the link, join your Family Group and are ready to start communicating!

That's it - you’re all set! You can now start communicating via your own private Family Group. Please refer to our Features page for more details on what functionality is available to you, including your dedicated activity page and family calendars.

If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. We welcome you to Global Grandparents!

The world may be getting smaller, but staying in touch with family, especially when separated by large distances, still proves a challenge.

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Our Features

Grandparents and grandchildren communicate via private links. Children are shielded from external content, marketing and social media

Share the little things in day to day lives via easy to use activity pages; empowering and encouraging direct communication

Store, view and treasure family photographs, videos, history, school updates, and other digital memories; all in one place for you all to enjoy

Stay up to date with family and school schedules; feel more connected, and plan upcoming visits via your private online family calendars

Safe and fun way for grandchildren to be online and initiating contact; Facetime and Skype securely integrated providing a direct line to grandparents and with call time restrictions in place

Editor, MADE magazine, Edinburgh UK

With my sons’ grandparents living in another country, I know first-hand the importance of keeping the generations connected. I am so impressed that finally Global Grandparents has solved the problem. It has made a huge difference to our family! We would encourage anyone with family across the country and around the world to give it a go.

GGP Global Ambassador.

Globalgrandparents has truly transformed the way we communicate with our grandchildren in Australia - it's such a joy to wake up to see new messages and updates.  The spontaneity of messages, in their own words is magical, and having this shared and stored privately for us to enjoy makes it even more special


We love using GlobalGrandparents – it’s really cool and we can send Nana & Grandpa messages when we want and it feels like we’re actually talking to them.

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