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My nana and grandpa live in Scotland and my grandad lives in England, which is all the way on the other side of the world. At my school in Bondi, we have lots of kids with grandparents in Australia and some with grandparents all over the world like me. So it’s kind of nice that it’s not just me with grandparents far away. I’ve been to Scotland and England a few times to see my grandparents – even though it’s cold, I had the best time. Sometime it’s annoying to have grandparents on the other side of the world because I only get to see them once or twice a year – my best friend has grandparents in Scotland and somewhere in Brisbane too, so she can see her grandparents in Brisbane quite a lot. But I am very lucky to have my grandparents coming to see me because with some children their grandparents can’t come to where they live.

When my grandparents do come we have the best time ever. My nana takes me to get my nails done, my grandpa takes me to play tennis and my grandad takes me to the zoo to see the cute little animals. Recently I went to Thailand to see my grandad and it was super fun – I also got to see my cousins from London.

I do get to see my grandparents a lot on FaceTime which is fun for me because I can talk to my grandparents and see them at the exact same time and they’re not even in Australia. Good job to the person that created FaceTime – you did an excellent job.

At school, we have this thing called grandparents day and these grandparents come to our school for a big picnic. I get a bit sad seeing other kids with their grandparents and me without mine but some of my friend’s grandparents don’t come either so I just hang out with them. The thing I miss the most about my grandparents is the way they spend time with me and in that time, they give me lots of love like when I broke my arm my grandad was there and he gave me all the love I needed to feel better. But thinking about it, I do get a lot of time with them when they visit, and my grandparents spoil me so much like when we go to the zoo shop, or when nana buys jam donuts at the supermarket.

Whenever my grandparents leave, I’m very sad but before I know it I hear the phone ring and my grandparents saying “g’day mate were coming to Australia” and then I’m jumping up and down like a kangaroo whose gone crazy. When my grandparents come to Australia we have the best time.



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