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Speaking with some of our fellow GlobalGrandparents, a common goal is ensuring our Global Grandchildren grow up with an understanding and feeling of belonging to their countries of ‘origin’ and their family history. Children never cease to amaze us, and this interest in and understanding of their heritage and history is built in to their syche, which makes it more of a fun activity rather than a concern. Modern technology is a wonder and certainly allows us to share information, stories, links and history of their homelands more easily, and on a personal basis, we love to talk to our grandchildren in Australia about British history and our global family’s heritage. Conversely, we have learnt so much about Australia, and the Australia anthem now always brings on the tears – partially a reminder of school assemblies in Bondi!

Some of our favourite moments, have been when the girls’ have had school projects – whenever they need to do a talk or story on history, the FaceTime kicks in and Grandpa is asked to share all he knows about a variety of topics from William Wallace, Castles and why it used to take so long to get to Australia! Even over FaceTime it’s fabulous to see how fascinated they are, and it never ceases to amaze us how much they take in and then recount to us years later.

We were so delighted on our last trip when we all were lucky enough to go to the Scotland v Australia rugby match. The granddaughers first rugby match with Nana and Grandpa present. It was rather obvious to all that we were a part of the Scottish contingent…..Nana in her tartan cloak, the girls in Scotland beanies and scarves, and the “boys” in kilts. The most emotional moment for me was when our 9 year old belted out The Flower of Scotland as loudly as the rest of us, our 6 year old bringing up the rear very well and then of course we all sang Australia Fair… Nana in tears once again!

Now that they are a little older we can ramp up the history which will not be difficult as they are so fascinated by anything to do with family and who everyone is – this is what it is like to be a Global Grandchild! Sitting round the dinner table in Australia when we’re all together becomes a story telling session about our own childhood and what it was like when Grandpa and I were growing up – they just soak it up which is wonderful. As they get older, we look forward to their visits back home where we can show them all the places we talk about and watch them take it all in – lovely! In the meantime, we continue to tell stories and tales to our Global Granddaughters safe in the knowledge they will keep their heritage alive no matter where they live, and go on to share these stories and tales to the future generations of Global Grandchildren!



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