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I am sure that many of our fellow GlobalGrandparents out there will be in the same position as us, where our local grandchildren have never met their global cousins and vice versa?  This is another challenging aspect to GlobalGrandparenting / having family around the world; one that’s really only recently played on our minds as our youngest (and local) grandchild is now two and half and really starting to communicate.  We’ve made a point since she was born of always talking about her GlobalCousins and showing photographs and videos of our Sydney family.  Now every time she comes in to our house, it’s straight over to pictures of the family down under and she calls out their names.  You can imagine the effect that has on Grandpa and I; straight to the never ending supply of tissues!

That said, it is wonderful that every time she comes to our house for a sleepover, we can FaceTime Sydney and the girls can see and talk to each other.  She knows who we are talking about from photographs and previous Facetimes and seems to ‘know’ the girls in Sydney, jumping up and down with excitement and calling their names.

Our Grandchildren Have Only Met Over FaceTime

This was the case when they FaceTimed last weekend and what followed was bitter sweet, happy, and sad all at the same time!  The emotional rollercoaster kicking in once more…..They started with a Hi to each other and then the little one wanted to show them some of her toys at Nana’s house and the Ipad was whizzing about from room to room; followed by lots of virtual High Fives – wonderful!  We were brought down to earth, but tried not to show it, when our youngest in Sydney said “Nana, I wish I could give her a big hug”, followed by asking her Daddy when she could fly over to Scotland to meet her cousin.  Then lots of bye byes and blowing of kisses….Nana reaching for the brandy, and all before breakfast in this part of the world!

Back in the day FaceTime and Skype didn’t exist and I know I am supposed to think it is wonderful which it is, but nothing compares with the hope that in the not too distant future I will see our three girls together and they will get to know each other…..but that said, it seems they already do!



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