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I thought this week we would touch on an aspect of GlobalGrandparenting that for some (and not just the parents!), can be a challenge, but hopefully for most, great fun…..the house ‘sharing’!…Yes, it is their house dear!…GlobalGrandparents descending and sharing a house with the family for weeks at a time is another way in which we differ from local-ish grandparents who can spend an hour, a day, a weekend to help out and pop home between visits. Our family time in Australia is total immersion and then the complete opposite – I’m sure it’s the same for many.

For a successful House Share, home house rules should apply and patience must prevail….but as our fellow GlobalGrandparents will agree, we of course know best!!

Maybe we just keep that to ourselves….Our own family house share survival typically comes down to the number of people in the kitchen area at one time – battle lines occasionally drawn – thankfully we’re keen and eager to help out, so the “kitchen fairy” (Grandpa) is welcomed with open arms, and disappearing children, when it comes to dishes time – as luck would have it the dishwasher is currently broken….the electric one, not Grandpa – whew!

We all have strong characters and are very independent – can’t imagine where that comes from…..but being a global family we treasure and remember all the special moments when we are together, how fortunate we are, and here’s to our next successful House Share wherever that may be…



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