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The recovery…

I promise to be more cheerful next week, but we’ve been home for about 10 days now and trying to pick up our life here after 6 weeks with the family down under. I am sure our growing community of GlobalGrandparents all struggle for those first few weeks back home.  We don’t look for what I call the triggers to reach for the tissues, they hit you unexpectedly…

– When I first turned on my IPad…..still at Australia time…..

– Saturday morning…wondering if the girls won their netball game.

– Jam doughnuts in the supermarket – a regular treat for the girls when we’re together…that’s what us grandparents do!

– Programme on TV about worm farms…that’s another story

– When I got to the bottom of my suitcase it was covered in sand

– Most times I walk in to the kitchen – it’s so tidy!!

Reading all of your comments has almost been a form of therapy this week and to know there are so many of us in the same boat, so to speak, is very comforting.  Please keep Liking, Sharing, and commenting as we build out our community of GlobalGrandparents…



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